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Kids Waterproof Pants

Trusted Kids Waterproof Pants

Since 1980, our waterproof pants and trousers have been trusted to keep your children dry in the rain. Wether it's walking to and from school, going on school camping trips or just splashing around in the rain, our waterproof rain pants will always keep boys and girls across Australia safe and dry.

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Boys waterproof pants


Great for fishing with my son! These stowaway pants keep my boy warm and dry during our weekends of being out and about in the water all day.

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Super light


This product is an absolute must as it’s super light and easy to fold! The pants take the work out of keeping my kids dry.

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Easy Shopping


The Team website is so easy to use and made my online shopping experience a breeze, especially trying to buy these everyday use pants. 

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Kids rain pants


The V-Lite Stowaway pants for kids are amazing. I bought them for both of my grandchildren and the parents can’t thank me enough.

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boys waterproof trousers


The checkout on this website is super easy to use which made buying these incredible pants that much more fun. They are great as I can just fold them into a little bundle and take them everywhere.

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They fit perfectly


I found buying waterproof trousers extremely difficult for my children as they never quite fit right. My friend mentioned these V-Lite Stowaway pants and they fit my kids perfectly!

Our Designs & Features

We offer children's waterproof pants in our signature navy colour which is designed to fit with many kids uniforms across Australia. Our pants are available in Lightweight Nylon which makes them effortless to wear and easy to slip over the top of uniforms. They also pack away, making them easy to transport to and from school.