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Men's & Women's Waterproof Pants

Men's & Women's Waterproof Pants

Our range of waterproof pants and trousers for men and women are perfect for wet weather in the outdoors. Our rain pants have been designed with over 40 years of knowledge and experience, so you can trust that they will always keep you no matter your activity. They're great for hiking, cycling, motorcycle riding, camping, playing golf and more.

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Womens waterproof pants review


I love how I could reuse the Unisex Clear Waterproof pants. They have now kept me dry every time I use them

Category reviews

Wonderful stowaway rain paints


These rain pants just stowaway. I don’t have to allow much room when travelling and they are super breathable when hiking

Category reviews

Best waterproof pants


The best waterproof trousers are from Team. They are extremely waterproof and are super lightweight

Category reviews

Mens pants


Easy to use website. I searched waterproof pants and the ones on the Team website caught my eye. I purchased them straight away.

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Clear waterproof trousers


I bought the clear waterproof pants for a concert thinking I would never wear them again. I ended up wearing them most weekend to escape the rain

Category reviews

Great waterproof rain pants


The waterproof pants are my favourite products as they 100% waterproof and super lightweight. You never hear me complain about these pants

Our Rain Pants

We offer waterproof rain pants in our classic navy and black colours that are designed to go with what ever you're wearing. Our trousers feature generous sizing and elasticated adjustability that makes them easy to slip on over the top of your clothes. They also stow away for convenience.